All You Need

Oh soul,
why do you weep?
why do you want,
when everything you need is right here?
right here in front of you –
always has been,
always will be.

Oh soul,
why do you despair?
why do you fret
when everything that can calm you is right here?
right here before you –
always has been,
always will be.

Oh soul,
why do you fear?
why do you anxiously await what may never be,
when peace awaits you –
right here,
right now.

the Lord your God –
I am all you need.
And I am here,
before you –
Always have been.
Always will be.

Who am I, really ?

  I don’t understand how You can love me.

But I know You do.

It’s just so very hard for me to


        to accept.

After all, 

You know me.

You know what I am.

What I’ve done.

What I’m capable of.

But in Your eyes,

that’s not me

        what I’ve done,

        what I might do. 

So, who am I, really?

         I’m Yours.

Standing at the gate.

Clothed in white.

Watching the children play.

Listening to the children,

all the children,


Knowing they are wanted.

Knowing they are loved.

        Who am I?

I’m one of them.

I’m Yours.

        I’m not what I’ve done

        I’m not what I am capable of

but Yours.





Forever your child.

Forever a daughter of the Almighty King.

Abba Father.

Daddy’s beloved.

Forever Yours.

Home address:

        the Kingdom of God.

When the Lies are Louder


i hear the truth
that the truth will set me free
and in the midst of truth
a noise raises it’s voice
and beckons me

to come

come believe its clamour
by its pounding of a steady, mezmerizing beat
a beat that lures my heart
that lures my mind
to recurring, nightmarish defeat

it screams
that i am unworthy
it screams
that i am unfit
that i am a non-purposed being
serving no purpose
in a purposeless life
and i’m sinking further and further
into a despairingly deep, dark pit

but then i remember
what i should never have forgetten
and what i should never, ever forget
that i am a child of God
a daughter of the King
a bride to the Bridegroom
and He isn’t done with me yet

He speaks softly to my spirit
His words are balm
to my aching heart
He is gentle, full of mercy and grace
His words are for building me up
not for tearing me apart

but so often the lies are louder
which can make them easier to believe
but isn’t that just like a lie,
making ready to deceive?

it will scream, it will holler
it will do what it must do
to vie for my attention
turn my faith to fright
and my hope to heartache –
do anything –
to take my eyes off of You

so Father
when i am overcome
by the sounds
that are not heaven’s voice
when i am overwhelmed
by the clamour of this present world
when the lies disguise themselves as truth
causing despair to seem my only choice

when the lies that say i am worthless
and I make a choice to believe the lies
lead me to the Rock
that stands
so much higher than I

the Rock that is the way
the Rock that is truth
the only Rock, the solid Rock
the Rock that is my life

Not Perfect but Beautiful

having some inspiration today

while realizing

why I don’t act on my inspirations

so my inspirations,
once again –
too many times again –
are left unattended to

and I feel myself going down

I sit down to write
all I feel is the numb

a feeling that I am empty
in need of direction
and no where to turn
no sign to tell me left or right

is it because I’m supposed to keep straight on?
and, is straight on taking me in the right direction?
am I getting deeper into despair or closer to healing?

I cry out
and it seems as if there is silence in the outcry
all around
deep within
there is nothing but silence within the silence

and trying to maintain that Jesus word for my 2015 life
I fear I forget
can I inch closer to the joy if the forgetting masters my mind?

I turn to the Word

He will protect
that includes the rampant thoughts
which seek to destroy my sanity

that which seeks to take what I know to be true
and turn it into doubt

I want to be good
knowing perfection is unattainable

righteous in the sight of God
beautiful from the inside out

He loves the righteous
Mary was righteous
Abraham was righteous

and good

not perfect

beautiful in His sight

“It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”

the sign spoke of a home
a place where comfort and warmth exists
love and forgiveness is poured freely upon the broken
a place where forgiveness was established

practiced in a place where joy eminates even in the dark

if my heart is Christ’s home –
the very cause for the beating of my heart 
the very reason for my passion to live
and reside and breathe 


though I am not perfect
i am beautiful


He has made me beautiful

and brought the comfort, the warmth
the love and the forgiveness and the peace
when He moved in, unpacked,
and Joy awakened my soul

not perfect – 

so very not perfect

but focused on His presence
drinking in His forgiveness
dwelling in His comfort

resting in His peace

focused on Him, 

who keeps me walking straight

not turning to the left
not turning to the right
not being perfect

but keeping straight on

not perfect

but beautiful



Copyright 2014 

Sherri Woodbridgge


Lord God,
Heavenly Father,
Holy Spirit

Trinity –

I cannot begin to understand
fathom the depth of this mystery of


I cannot comprehend Your beauty
the intricate details of Your creation

I can stand in one of the most prestigious museums of art
and not one painting – no,
not even one
can do justice to what you have painted with the tips of your fingers.

The waves of the seas, the peaks of the mountains –
were shaped by the tips of your fingers.

The bark on trees,
a sunset in the haze of fire’s sky
the glistening of leaves during a afternoon breeze
were fashioned in Your mind
and put to life.

Every colored detail of every tiny song-filled bird
every speck of pollen taken in the flight of the honeybee
every blade of grass that makes up meadows of green
and meadows of gold
were thoughtfully created
for Your glory
for my pleasure.

When you shaped the earth round
and made it spin in the sky as it circled the sun,
you positioned it just so
to gather the light and warmth of the day
and take part of the slumbering peace and the coolness of night.

“How majestic is your name in all the earth!” King David exclaimed –
He considered the heavens –
the works of your fingers –
the sun, the moon and the stars
that You set into perfect place
and He had to ask,
“Who is man that You care about him?
Who am I – that you think about me?”

And yet, You made us
just a little lower than the angels
and have crowned us
with glory
and honor.

You molded the calf with your hand –
the lamb
the slithering snake –
octopus and eel
each for a purpose
each to bring you glory.

And upon your potter’s wheel
you molded me
shaped and fashioned
as a reflection of You.

My eyes don’t merely see
but take in the shadows, the shapes, the sizes
sending all the information to a brain
that prints out a beautiful picture
in my tiny mind.

My ears don’t merely hear
but listen to sounds and tones –
they capture melodic symphonies
that play the songs of sparrows
the crashing of stormy seas.

My hands do not merely move about without purpose
but were fashioned to extend outward –
to help the homeless,
love the unloveable,
comfort the lost.

My heart is not merely an organ that beats
but was made to feel
to grieve for another
to rejoice with one who rejoices
to give thanks in all things.

My lips were not for the pouring forth of noise
but were made to sing Your praises,
to utter Your truth –
proclaim Your salvation.

How majestic indeed, oh Lord God
is Your name over all the earth.
How glorious throughout the ages.

Before my time began,
you have known me.
You saw the eyes
that would long to gaze upon Your face,
You molded the heart that would beat for You.

You kissed life into my being,
the moment I entered my mother’s womb.

Though no machine could tell what you had made me –
You knew I was your princess –
Your beloved little girl.

You knew the color of each hair on my head
and how they would change through time.

You knew the color of skin I’d wear,
the fingers that would want to raise
in hallelujahs to a holy God.

You knew the thoughts
that would vie for my attention
pulling me away from you,
sending me back to the cross,
sending me back to my knees,
taking me full circle.

You knew all that I would so desperately need –
Your mercy, Your forgiveness, Your grace.
You knew my failures,
the temptations that would get the best of me
but You saved me
and You gave to me
the best of You.

All I had to do for the dirt I carried
leaving a trail of sin to see?
Just believe, You said.
Just believe.

how can this be?
that a holy, righteous God,
gives so much
and asks so little?

And how can I
not believe?

I have heard and seen my heart beat
the one fashioned by Your hands.
I have seen the waves of the oceans
crash into oblivion
only to rise again
to give You due applause.

I have heard the cries of newborn babies
and the innocent laughter of children –
sounds no other can re-create
other that the One who created.

I have felt peace
when there was no peace to find
I have felt love
when love felt removed
and tasted like a bitter lie
that has no end
tearing your heart apart
leaving it a bleeding mess
that no one can heal

…but You did.

My God,
my God,
You never once
have forsaken me
but have endlessly smothered Your grace upon me –
fought for me
took a stand for me
and You saved me –
over and over again.

I don’t deserve You –
You know it all too well.
and yet You gave me life –
again –

You keep my heart beating,
You keep my eyes seeing
and You keep loving me anew –
each day –

no matter what I do
no matter where I go
Your grace follows me
Your mercy never leaves me
Your faithfulness sustains me
and I think to myself…

You are so good to me.
So very good to me.

I don’t deserve You,
I have said it before –
You know it all too well,
but by Your grace I am made new
and it’s because of Your great grace
and the mercy that poured out of Your precious Son,
I cry holy, holy, holy.

holy is the Lord.
Who knows me best,
and saves me
and over
and over

holy is the Lord –

the One
Who was

the One
Who is

the One
Who is yet to come.

holy are You Lord –
all glory
all honor
all majesty
belongs to You –
my glorious Savior.

The First Moment

The very first moment I saw you

I knew we were going to have a great time.

The very first moment I saw you,

God knew He had done a good thing.


The very first moment I saw you,

I knew this would be a love like no other.

The very first moment I saw you,

I realized my love for you was nothing

compared to the magnificence of God’s love.


The very first moment I saw you

I wondered how I ever did life without you.

The very first moment I saw you,

God was already preparing for the day

when I’d have to find out.


The very first moment I see you again,

there will be shouts of joy, tears of rejoicing

The very first moment I see you again,

God has made sure it will never be the last.

There’s Something About A Mountain

no one else would see

no one else would know

when or if I reached the top

of my mountain


I see it rising there

beyond the valley

above the foothills

its peak

higher than any others

standing majestic nearby


it bawks majesty

it boasts beauty

it swells with magnificence

it vies for attention


to not notice

is selfish

an avoidance of the miraculous

a statement of pride

evidence of ill-prioritizing


take a glance

be taken aback

for you will have seen

the hand of God