In the Dark of the Morning

the dark of the night
in the valley of the shadows
of this disease
i will fear


though it surrounds me
from every side


i will fear nothing

in the dark of the night
though my body trembles
and my heart shakes

i will fear nothing

in the dark of night
when my mind dances
as a winter storm
loosed from its chains
and playing the game of what-ifs


i will fear nothing

when the dark of the night
threatens to consume my soul
to lay me outstretched
emotionally naked before the world


i will fear nothing

for the dark of the night
will turn its ugly face
to the Light of the morning
and there


i will feel no more
i will see no more
i will fear no more

for there will be
no more

there will be no more disease

in the Light of that morning

Broken for Good

To trust God in the light is nothing,

but to trust Him in the dark –

that is faith.

Charles Spurgeon

I intervene for those who are hurting.

Those who are surrounded by a darkness
only they are able to see.
A darkness that calls out their name
and then leaves laughing as they come.
Leaves them in despair,
mocking them for believing the truth
that can save them.

I intervene for their well-being.
Their light.
Their life.
And then I see them.
I hear them.
They are the Promises.
Promises of truth when life gets messy
and we get dirty.
Promises made to a broken and hurting world.

I see a vessel.
Shaped much like myself
and cracked.
Like me.
A vessel that must be broken
in order to be used.
To be useful.
Without the brokenness,
the light can’t get in
and the light cannot get out.
Without the brokenness
there is no story
for there is nothing to tell.
Without the brokenness
there is nothing to share.
There is no understanding.
There is no comfort
in tears shared together.
Darkness permeates the vessel,
where storms rage
and the enemy attacks.

Hope seems lost.
But remember –
oh how we must not forget –
the vessel is broken.
and light does get through the cracks.
It comes in
before it goes back out.
It fills the inside
with warmth
and power.
The glory of His light spills out.
The shadows flee.
Hope triumphs.
A prisoner is set free.

Light In The Darkest Hours

imageThe other morning I got up early to go with a friend to the hospital. She was nervous. That’s normal.

On the way to the hospital, we prayed that everything would go well. We prayed for peace and and for wisdom for the staff that would be involoved with the surgery. For trust in a God who is faithful and true.

Shortly after we prayed, we passed a rose garden that I frequent when I go out to take pictures. It was still dark outside but as we passed by, something caught my eye. Little white balls seemed to be floating amongst the roses.  I looked more intently, only to realize that what I was seeing was the pure white roses illuminating the dark.

I smiled.

Even in our darkest hours, God shines light for our path. It may come through words of a faithful friend. It may come through seeing a rainbow and being reminded that we can trust what God says. It can come when we read His word and take to heart what He’s written for us there. Or, it  may come when we are driving to a hospital, repeating to ourselves the what-ifs of something going wrong as we pass a garden in the dark.

The ‘normal’ person may not realize what those round, glowing white ‘lights’ are as they pass by, but I knew exactly what they were because I’ve spent so much time there. I can tell you where the pink roses are, the Sterling Silvers, my favorites and the Killdeer nests I have found  when visiting with my grandkids. The more time spent there, the more familiar it becomes. The more familiar it becomes, the more intimately I get to know it.

I thought about how my relationship with my heavenly Father is like that garden. He draws me in on some pretty dark days to show me the Light has overcome the darkness. The more time I spend with Him, the more I want to be with Him. With each encounter, the familiarity brings a deeper intimacy. Even in the darkest hours. I just need to keep following the Light.