Swatted and Savored

He ran back toward the fence that protected him from entering a dark, murky pond. I am sure there are water monsters that live deep in that three foot shallow pond. Beneath the scum and the murk and the sludge and the slime and all the other stuff that floats on top and wallows quietly beneath the surface.

There are hatches of small flies coming to life above the surface and to the south of that pond. I got caught up in a few today. So did he. I was swatting at them as I walked through the army of fish bait. And spitting out the ones I missed. As I looked over at him, he was laughing. A two-year-old’s belly laugh. Before I knew it, I was too because there are endless things this two year old does to cause you to smile and make you laugh, but this… this was the topper so far.

After batting a few more flies, I look over at this laughing boy and I see him running deliberately, determinedly, purposely, willfully into the multitude of small white creatures whose wings are just learning their purpose a bit too late. Because this boy – my little monkey grandson – has decided to see what makes fish like newly hatched little cream colored flies. And so he runs – his little ‘run on his tippy toes run’ – and as he runs, he opens wide his mouth and hopes for success.

I stand laughing. Because if that isn’t entertaining enough, after he runs through the swarm, he stops, closes his eyes and rubs his belly as if to say, “Yum!!!”

And then he does it again.

I literally have to go after him to get him to stop.

And then I wonder why. Why a two year old would want to catch flies in his mouth? What prompts him to do it? Perhaps it’s the fact daddy comes home tonight. He knows it. He is excited from head to toe. And daddy loves to fly fish so undoubtedly there have been conversations about flies and how the fishies try to get them, yum yum.

Who can know what goes on in the mind of a two year old? I don’t.

*First published April 23, 2017.

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