Stupid Cat

I wrote this a bit ago, but thought you might like a laugh today…
I am usually not one to look down on people who use bad words. ‘Swear’ words. I don’t myself don’t make a habit of using them.
I grew up around bad words. I had an uncle I adored who swore with the best of them. He was really a sailor at one time, too. Go figure. He just wasn’t Uncle Dave unless 1 out of 5 words were cuss words. A ‘colorful language’ he had, some called it.
I never said bad words as a kid. I knew better. Uncle Dave could do it. I couldn’t. When I got married, I heard my mother in-law say bad words. The first time I heard her say them, I laughed. She had burned herself, I think, and this is what she said when the pain got the best of her…
“Bad words, bad words, bad words.” Literally. She really said those words. (And you thought I was going to tattle on my mother in-law, didn’t you?)
My granddaughter is learning to say bad words. She’s almost two now and the time has arrived for her to learn all the things you don’t want her to know. Like bad words. She likes to say the word stupid. It’s pretty sad because it’s one of the only ‘bad words’ the adults in her life say (besides the word dumb). You don’t realize how often it’s said ‘til you try to not say it.
Stupid cat.
This is stupid.
Stupid cat.
Look at this stupid mess.
Stupid cat.
Now Boo thinks the cat’s name is ‘Stupid’.
“No, Boo. We don’t say stupid.”
Actually we do, but we try not to.
My son couldn’t find his phone the other day so he asked me to call it. I did and when he answered, I was climbing into the car to take Boo home and my neighbor to the store. They were already in the car waiting for me.
“Hey,” I heard my son answer on the other end.
“Did you find it?” I asked my son over the phone.
“What?!?” he asked as if I were stupid or something.
Then I realized what I had asked him. “Never mind.”
I closed my phone and closed the car door.
“That was a stupid question,” I said as my neighbor laughed.
“Stupid question, gamma,” I heard a little voice perfectly pronunciate from behind me.
I did it again. Ugh. I wish I could quit saying that stupid word. I’m going to get Boo in trouble.

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