Partially Removed: The Death of A Nation


The following excerpt was from a story, posted in The Sun, September 30, 2008:

This tiny deer was delivered by Caesarean section… [he] is so small he can fit in an adult’s hand …

Orphaned… at just six inches tall …weighing just over a pound…now in an incubator in the intensive care unit at Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in Buckinghamshire. …We brought him out and got him breathing and then he went into an incubator on oxygen. …now being fed by a tube.’  …Staff are optimistic …[he] will make a full recovery…

The picture catches your eye and you ooh and aah.  In fact, a few comments relating to this piece came into the editor of The Sun as follows:

“Aww Bless him!! I will keep the little fellow in my prayers tonight.”

“What a gorgeous little deer! I wish him well, he’s so cute.”

“This story is so touching that it crosses the Atlantic to come to the US. It makes me think of the Gandhi quote ,‘You can judge a nation by how it treats it’s animals’”

Everyone loves a good story.  Just not those we would rather just push away.  Here is a ‘similar’ story:

A breech delivery was made yesterday afternoon where the infant was born breech, yet alive and gasping for breath, but lost his fight for life just three hours later.


A picture accompanies the sad news.  When we see the picture of this little one, our comments may sound similar to that of the preemie deer:

““Aww, bless him!!  The little fellow’s family is in my prayers tonight.”

“What a gorgeous little baby! I wish his family well.  He was so cute.”

“This story is so heartbreaking that it crossed the Atlantic to come to the US. It makes me think of the quote, ‘You can judge a nation by how it responds to the death of its babies – its future generation.”

However – that is not what happens.  Instead, while the baby is still born – breech – that is where the stories differ besides the fact it is human versus fawn.  It is then that the baby, still alive, born feet first and kicking, and obviously healthy in every aspect, is only partially removed from the womb.

Partially removed: part of the fetus is left in the womb (the head)while part of it has been delivered (feet first, then torso, then arms).

Fetus:  a developing human from usually two months after conception to birth.  Up until the eighth week, the developing offspring is called an embryo.  (Merriam Webster Dictionary)

Embryo: the developing human individual from the time of implantation to the end of the eighth week after conception. (Merriam Webster Dictionary)

The baby is still alive and legally has not been born yet (hasn’t taken his first breath).  Ninety-percent of the birth is complete but his head, although having left the womb and passed through the cervix, is still in the vagina.  It is here, after the partial breech birth of the baby, that the attending ‘physician’ inserts a sharp object (usually a pair of surgical scissors) into the back of the fetus’ head, at the base of the neck.  The scissors are then opened up to make a larger hole where a vacuum tube is then inserted through to the brain.  The developing human individual’s (or fetus’) brains are then extracted.  At this point, the head contracts, allowing for easier removal.    This procedure is known as a partial-birth abortion.

Afterward however, there is no “What a cute little baby he was”.  Instead, he is left on a metal tray, wrapped, at best, in a cotton cloth or blanket, waiting to be taken to the morgue in the basement or to be thrown in with the soiled linen debris.  So, is this fetus – this human that was in the process of development (according to Webster) – in fact, a person or a piece of garbage?  Some take these fetuses to the morgue, constituting a human being, while others throw it out with the trash.

If a human being, wouldn’t this procedure, or any procedure that takes a human life, whether fully developed or not (who defines ‘fully developed’?), be considered murder? If so, wouldn’t it seem that many of these ‘cases’ be considered as pre-meditated?

Since Roe vs. Wade in 1973, over 43 million abortions have been performed in the United States alone.  In the span of 35 years, we have, as a country, aborted on average, over 3,500 babies a day.  That is over 700 babies per state on a daily basis.

There are many who refuse to believe or who haven’t been educated in the practice of partial-birth abortions.  There are many who don’t want to believe or be educated in the subject of any kind of abortion.  There are even doctors who refuse to believe that the fetus/embryo/developing human feels pain during an abortion.

When interviewed, a retired nurse stated that the doctor she assisted twice in an early-trimester and the other being a late-trimester abortion, insisted that the fetus felt nothing.  A sonogram was used and in both procedures, when the baby was injected, its arms stretched out wide open, as babies do when frightened or in pain.

Mona Charen appeared on national television earlier last month, siting Barack Obama’s stand on partial-birth abortion.  In her statements, she was attacked with having lack of evidence that such practices occur here in our country, as doctors themselves have not come forward to back up such accusations of babies who were aborted, actually surviving and then being killed outside the womb to complete the procedure.  According to Bill Lile, a licensed gynecologist, legally life is considered when the baby takes its first breath.

In response to her discussion regarding partial-birth abortion, Charen asked her readers to please write in and comment if they had first hand knowledge of partial-birth abortions where the infant survived.  In the overwhelming responses she received, the following was included:
I am a pediatrician. When I was a pediatric resident on a neonatal intensive care rotation, we were routinely called to … resuscitate infants. In one instance I was called to pronounce a baby dead who had been born an hour earlier after a failed abortion. We were not called to resuscitate the baby immediately after the delivery, as the intent was abortion. … I write to attest that babies are sometimes born alive after abortion and then put aside to die.

In an interview with Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church in Southern California, Obama was asked, “At what point does a baby get human rights? His response was, “Answering that question specifically is above my pay-grade.”

It seems obvious there is a deliberate aversion toward the topic, if possible, at every level, every ‘pay-grade’, even those, sadly enough, seeking presidential office of the United States.
One should not stand in judgment of another, whether they agree with their choices or not.  It is true that we all live in a free country.  We all have certain rights, one being freedom of choice.  While we should not stand in judgment, we do have a responsibility (and right) to educate those that truly don’t understand (not necessarily those who do and choose not to agree).  It is extremely important to understand what one is choosing to oppose or stand for.  It’s important to understand that if there are those who are not yet fully developed, then we have a responsibility to protect them, to speak for them, just as we would a premature fawn still in its mother’s womb.  It is disheartening to think that we might care more for the young of the wild than we do for our own.

‘You can judge a nation by how it responds to the death of it’s babies – its future generation.”

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