Happy Birthday, Dad

Today is December 4th.
Today is my dad's birthday.
My dad taught me many things in this life. Like, how to change a flat tire.
And how to do things right and well, not the 'mickey mouse' or the 'deskin' way.

He taught me to respect others. And to pick up after myself.

My dad taught me many things in this life, either by word or deed.

Some say may dad could be strict and sometimes it seemed that way.

But, the older I've gotten, this much I have learned:

My dad kept me protected and safe with his rules and boundaries.

Without them, life could have been full of regrets, guilt, and shame.

My dad could have changed that tire for me or paid for someone else to do it,
but then I may have grown up expecting the world owed me something
(and I wouldn't have known how to change a flat tire).

My dad made me do things right and not 'mickey mouse',

give it my best, finish well, be responsible and to take pride in what I do.

I could have ended up an uncaring, selfish, disrespectful, lazy person who expected others to clean up after me and to do what I could do for myself but, my dad cared too much for that to happen.

So, thanks dad.

I realize now that the times you said no when I wanted to hear yes, when I said 'good enough' and you said 'not yet', when I said 'help' and you guided as you made me do it myself – you weren't being the meanie — you were loving me.

Happy Birthday, dad. I love you.

A lot.



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