Clara’s Quips

When John and Clara arrived this morning, we had a few extra minutes before we had to leave for preschool. Clara was playing and Boppa (Grandpa) was holding John as he squirmed on his lap.

“Boy, you’re sure wiggly today, John,” Boppa said.

“That’s because he wants free range, Bops,” Clara replied.

Seconds later they were at the window waving good-bye to daddy when Clara stated, “You liberal!” to her not quite one year-old brother.

“What?!” I said. “What did you say?” I asked.

“I called him a liberal,” five year old Clara answered matter-of-factly.

“Why’s he a liberal?” I asked.

“He has to be if he’s gonna be someone important.

Then… on the way to preschool, Clara was giving John some Cheerios. In the process I overhear,”I apologize John if they taste different.”

Afraid to ask, I asked anyhow. “Why do they taste different?”

Clara replied, “I dropped a bunch of them but I put them all back.”

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