Book Review: Riley Mae and the Ready Eddy Rapids

Twelve years old is a tough age. Everything's changing. Especially if you take on a job being a spokesperson for the greatest new line of sportswear, which is just what Riley Mae has done. Jill Osborne, author of Riley Mae and the Ready Eddy Rapids, takes her reader on a quick-paced adventure through the Northwest.

Along with all the new “Riley Mae” line of shoes available at her disposal, Riley is making lots of friends on her new quest. Fame and fun footwear doesn't come without a price for Riley, however, and she soon finds herself, along with her new friends, on the roller coaster ride of her life.

Will her new friends turn out to be who they say they are? Will she be eaten by a bear? Will she sruvive the rapids in one piece? Will her best friend still be her friend when she gets home? Will her new friend come to believe that God is real?

Mystery, humor, biblical truths and more make up this book, written especially for kids. Part of 'The Good New Shoes' series by Osborne, kids will grow to love Riley and her family and friends and be eager for the next book where the adventure continues.

Four stars; can seem somewhat silly at times, but then… that's indicative of being a kid! Available in Audio CD, Paperback and for Kindle.

Note: Riley Mae and the Ready Eddy Rapids was received free of charge from Zondervan Publishers in exchange for an honest review.


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