Book Review: My Time with Grandma Bible Storybook

'My Time with Grandma' Bible Storybook by Phil A. Smouse was sent to me by Tyndale Publishers in exchange for an honest book review. Well, let me give you my honest opinion…

If you're looking for a book for a grandchild, a baby shower, a grandma with small grandchildren, this would be a great gift. It takes twelve of the most 'popular'/well-known Bible stories and with exceptionally colorful illustrations, brings them to life for children.

Intended for pre-school age through about seven years old, children will be captivated by the pictures as “grandma” reads stories about Creation, Adam and Eve, Noah and the Ark, Elijah and the rain, Shadrach, Meshach and Agednego, Daniel in the Lion's Den, Jonah and the Whale, Nicodemus, Jesus and the little children, the Good Samaritan, the lost sheep, the Prodigal Son, raising Lazarus from the dead, and the Resurrection.

Stories in Smouse's book are biblically sound, emphasizing truths of God's word.

I especially enjoyed Smouse's liberty of play with words for children. For example, in the story of Jonah and the whale, he says, “…”Throw me out,” [Jonah cried]. Then the storm will stop!” So out he went — sploosh! — down into the sea, where he was swallowed by a huge fish! “Oh, Lord,” Johan prayed, “forgive me!” So the fish spat him out — ptooo!”

Can't you just picture the scene?!?

At the end of each half page story is a “Love note from Grandma”. This is a little personal summarization of truth from the story, coated with 'grandma's' reassuring love and a enouraging word to the child in living out that truth. On the following page after each story, is a “Love Note from God”, a one sentence truth of scripture from God's word, relevant to the story read.

As I said, the illustrations, by artist Ela Jarzabek (who, hopefully we'll be seeing more of) are colorful and lively and fun. I really enjoyed the depiction of Goliath.

I cannot recommend this book more highly. I loved it. And although intended for readings by 'Grandma', it will be welll suited to be read by any loving adult/older sibling to younger sibling.

Available by Tyndale Kids/Tyndale House Publishing, October 2013.


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