Book Review: Every Waking Moment by Chris Fabry


In Chris Fabry's novel, Every Waking Moment, the reader can be assured s/he'll receive an inspirational and encouraging experience as Fabry tells the tale of a young woman with an exceptional gift of helping other people.

With a retirement home being the main setting for this book, we are introduced to many of its occupants and how their lives intertwine and weave together with each other, the staff, and others beyond their somewhat safe haven. Fabry eventually shows one example of how a well run retirement home can quickly disintegrate from a place of excellence to one in critical condition.

The characters are brought to life in such a way that the readers feels connected. The premise for the story is realistic, the descriptions believable.

It is a story of hope and courage in the midst of odd, sorrowful circumstances. It is a story of learning the truth about life and choosing how to respond to it. It is a story of forgiveness, compassion, and learning to accept and love others who – for whatever reason – we may not understand why they are the way they are or do the things they do or make the choices they make.

Merely an opinion, I felt the ending lacked substance and I personally didn't care for how it ended. But that's just me. I did, however, really enjoy his timely inserted, subltle opportunities for sharing the gospel with his readers and also how he is not shy about pointing out untruths told of scripture, an example being that nowhere in scripture does it say (although it is highly referred to as such) that God never gives us more than we can handle. His take on this phrase is very refreshing.

All in all, I would recommend Fabry's book for a good read if you want a serious book with some lighthearted moments filtered in.

Note: This is an honest review given to Tyndale Blog Network Book Review Program in lieu of free receipt of the above book critique.


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