Book Review: Amy Clipston’s “A Hopeful Heart”

Set against the backdrop of a modern-day Amish community, Amy Clipston brings A Hopeful Heart to life as Hannah, Hopeful Hearts' main character, struggles to pick up the pieces of her hurting family after the recent death of her husband.


Clipston paints a wonderful word picture that makes it easy to picture the families farm and surrounding community and is pleasingly vivid in her descriptions of the Amish life as it brushes against the life of the 'English'.


A Hopeful Heart is written in such a way that the reader is left to wonder, page by page, exactly what decision Hannah will come to when faced with a life-changing situation. Will she leave her community, risk losing her children and the only home she's ever known to follow the unknown she believes God is calling her to? The book will keep you continually wanting to turn pages to find out.


I received this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion.


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